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The India Pavilion is one of the star attractions at the Global Village every year. It is the ultimate platform for the sale and promotion of various products and services, and has been known to have one of the highest sales records at the Global Village. But it is not just a hub for trade and commerce. Craftsmen and artisans from the farthest reaches of India are provided an outlet to display their art on an international platform, and to spread knowledge of the work that they do.


There is also a vibrant display of traditional Indian clothing and handlooms, as well as samples of Indian foods to entice the taste buds. The recipient of multiple awards over the years, the India Pavilion has always given visitors a window into Indian culture with its impressive themed displays, handicrafts stations, decorated shopping stalls and cultural shows.


Each year, the pavilion’s theme puts the spotlight on a different Indian state in the form of a gorgeous and impressive façade. Inside, the pavilion features a wide range of activities that showcase India’s artistic and cultural traditions. There is also an elaborately decorated stage with a seating capacity of approximately 1,000 people; it is the only pavilion with a dedicated seating area. The stage hosts daily cultural programs in the evenings, in which performers specially flown in from various Indian states perform traditional folk dances.


THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA IS THE THEME FOR THE INDIA PAVILION AT GLOBAL VILLAGE 2014-15. The facade will be a huge replica of the famous VICTORIA TERMINUS, measuring an incredible 80 meters in width and 10 meters in height. The terminus is an extravagant architectural feat that has been a mainstay of the Mumbai railway system for many years. It is considered to be the busiest railway station in India, and is a very prominent landmark for the state of Maharashtra. 

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