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Global Village: Where food, fun, fashion and the fabulous meet

The place to be if you want bargains, global cuisine and unique shopping

Is it a carnival? Is it a bargain paradise? Is it a place to discover ethnic arts and crafts? Or a foodie haven? The answer - it's all that and then some more.

A place where the world can be found in a village.

At every turn you can explore, experience and enjoy something that holds your senses in thrall. Global Village or GV (as known by those in the know) has no precedent and after 23 years, is an integral part of the Dubai diary of things to do.

Yes, we know it can be a tad intimidating in scale and size, so we have created a curated guide. It is based on the five senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch - of things that we believe you should not miss.

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