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India Pavilion at Global Village opens

DUBAI — India Pavilion, one of the largest segments of the Global Village, has opened its doors unveiling a bonanza of shopping experience to visitors from across the globe.

The pavilion offers a vast range of Indian products and cuisine, besides cultural performances.

Global Village opened on December 13 last year and will welcome visitors till March 1.

Chhattisgargh is the theme state in the India Pavilion.

The government of the state, well known for its rich tradition and architecture, is highlighting its monuments and greenery.

The facade of the pavilion this time is modelled on the famous Kawardha Palace, which lies on the edge of the Maikal Hill range in Chhattisgargh. The pavilion has been constructed keeping in mind the true luxury of the Kawardha Palace with colours of pink, white and gold and elaborate carvings.

“In keeping with our trend of selecting one state to represent the central theme of India, we chose Chhattisgargh because of its rich tradition and history which are reflected in its old palaces and monuments.

“The Kawardha Palace is one of the most beautiful monuments attracting a lot of tourists from all over the globe.

“This palace reflects the true majestic splendour of the kings of ancient India. It is the only pavilion which has its own live entertainment on its own stage,” said Sunil Bhatia, CEO, E4 Entertainment.

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